Our Strategic value.
Your tactical advantage.

Strategic agency partnerships have been crucial in driving growth and opportunities across our network. Working alongside specialist agencies, we are able to offer clients the widest scope of candidates, while simultaneously giving our partners a national platform. It’s a win/win for all concerned, and allows specialist agencies to build and elevate their core business across a national network.


Why? It’s because none of us alone is as efficient and capable as all of us together. It’s recruitment’s intelligent evolution.

Partners with benefits

A strong network benefits everyone, and we’re committed to helping our partners grow and prosper. We believe in transparent, open relationships, and sharing our combined knowledge to optimize the level of service we can offer clients.

A partnership that keeps on giving:

Industry discounts:

Tap into our supplier network and receive Industry supplier discounts on things like Seek advertising and Workplace health & safety induction programs

Flexible client payment terms:

The ability to provide your clients with 180-day payment terms with no effect to your bottom line;

Business support services for your clients:

The ability to play a bigger role in your client’s business by provide additional services such as business finance, contractor management, migration and payroll processing solutions.

CareersMultiList has been a trusted partner of SMAART’s for nearly 10 years now. Not purely from a group cost savings on services like advertising, insurance and immigration services but also from a support and networking perspective, for tender writing and just general industry intel.
Over the years we’ve been involved in many job splits and developed strong relationships with other agencies who specialise in industries or states where our footprint is weak. We’re happy customers of CareersMultiList.
It’s a great opportunity that gives us exposure to work with some big national client names at a local level.
As an independent recruitment business seeking traction in a crowded marketplace the CML concept was immediately attractive to us and the partnership has consistently delivered a satisfactory ROI.
CML provides a platform for us to do what we do best – ‘high touch’ recruitment with specialist capability and personal attention.
Our partnership with the largest network of recruitment agencies in Australia provides us with capability outside of our specialisations and an opportunity to compete on a level playing field with multi-nationals and large Australian agencies

We are always on the lookout for like-minded specialist agencies. If you want to grow your national presence, broaden your recruitment channels, and grow your capabilities please get in contact. 

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.