Bringing It All Together..

A Total Talent Approach

CareersMultiList provides blended workforce solutions that cover the spectrum of labour categories, including temporary and full-time hires, independent contractors and project-based workers for any position level or profession.

We allow businesses to gain visibility and construct an effective total talent architecture by turning to a single partner for all workforce needs, by mobilizing handpicked specialist agencies from within our network to lead the recruitment drive and secure talent on your behalf – all while providing a single point of contact.

From sourcing and in-house supply chain management to employer branding, talent assessment, and on-boarding, our Total Talent approach ensures you always have a support team on hand, and the resources to find the right candidate.

Transparent, cost effective, and flexible, it’s what separates us from the competition.

The CareersMultiList way of solving workforce challenges:

Streamlining processes and reducing administrative overhead
Implementing consistent, enterprise-wide hiring processes to ensure compliance
Managing supplier relationships and performance
Improving visibility into recruitment processes and costs
Staying ahead of regulations to reduce employment risk
Constantly refining the recruitment program to meet long-term business goals
Let us share our expertise with you in the following areas:
  1. Permanent Workforce Solutions

    Right people at the right place & at the right cost...Everytime.

By delivering integrated, customized, and scalable workforce solutions, we help clients and partners reduce both the time and cost associated with filling roles.

Our intimate sector knowledge, along with access to global and local networks of talent, allows us to quickly discover and engage both active and passive talent that generalist recruiters simply cannot – and do not find.

We can oversee all or part of the entire talent acquisition cycle, from sourcing and interviewing to on-boarding and training.While our streamlined, centralized processes means clients save time and money on admin and compliance.

Our national reach and specialist expertise become your greatest assets and it’s all part of our goal to become the industries workforce partner of choice.  

  1. Contingent Recruitment

    Restoring order to your contingent workforce

Our partnership network offers unrivaled access to talent across a range of industries, locations, and experience levels for an enterprise's contingent workforce needs.

The flexibility and scalability of our contingent recruitment solution allows clients to optimize their contingent recruitment opportunities, which will be designed to reflect the client's preferred operating model at each hiring location - from sourcing and invoicing to managing the process through our centralized model, it will ensure full visibility and consistency in results, across the enterprise.

The entire process is transparent, assisted on a national level by a panel of specialist agencies, and supported by our full suite of value added services including outsourced payroll solutions, independent contractor management, migration assistance and cash flow finance.

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  1. Project & Volume based recruitment

    Scale quickly to meet market conditions

Our network of 45 specialists agencies and 1.8 million pre-screened candidates means we are able to launch, and deliver large-scale talent acquisition programs quickly. 

A constantly updated internal network of candidates means you’ll have instant access to multiple qualified resources, and can scale workforce solutions in response to unique, and unexpected market changes.  

We helped Telstra fill an emergency call center in ACT with 50 trained staff in 48 hours. Find out how.


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  1. Employer Branding

    Harnessing social media for social sourcing.

In today’s digital landscape, more than half of job seekers are actively involved with at least one social network and for CaeersMultiList, success in this realm means harnessing the best technology available to find and attract both active and passive talent.

CareersMultiList conducts social recruiting through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, using them as vehicles to deliver a company’s employee value proposition to targeted talent. 

Our market leading social media engagement engine is an innovative platform that  fast tracks suitable candidates through the assessment and application process, monitoring their progress in real time. 

Social sourcing came to the rescue when Tiger Air needed to open a Brisbane base over a six week Christmas period. Find out how we helped them source 75-cabin crew in record time. 


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  1. Value Added Services

    More to us than meets the eye

Contractor Management

Our streamlined contractor management services include payroll, insurance, and salary packaging, saving clients time on paperwork while ensuring full compliance.

Payroll Management

We provide clients with payroll management services, allowing them to focus on running their business while we handle the paperwork, payments, and compliance.

Extended Payment terms

We offer businesses the flexibility of extended credit terms - up to 180 days for procurement solutions. That means more access to working capital, and better cash flow management.

Employee Screening & Induction portal

Our tailored employee screening and induction process streamlines and centralize the process, allowing clients to fast track a ‘work ready’ team.

Business & payroll Finance

We empower businesses with quick and flexible finance solutions, to help them manage their cash flow. Our Invoice and payroll finance solutions also include trade credit insurance which protects businesses from the burdens of customer insolvency and bad debts.

Video screening & assessment

A database of video resumes creates the ability to access and evaluate high quality applicants instantly. It saves time, and allows both recruiters and clients to connect with potential candidates and gauge their suitability.

For more information about our solutions or how we can help you, get in touch:

Tiger Air

Tiger Air needed to open a new Brisbane base and we had 6 weeks over Christmas to source their cabin crew - more than 50 of them.