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SunRice was re-opening the Southern hemisphere’s largest rice mill and we had 3 months to recruit blue collar employees for 35 different roles, to ensure it opened on time.

After a two year shut down, SunRice was poised to re-open the Deniliquin Rice Mill. SunRice initially sought to source 120 staff across all levels of management and operations themselves, with a targeted re-opening date of March. In October of the previous year, SunRice identified that they would not be able to source the workforce to meet that deadline.


CareersMultiList was engaged to create a unique sourcing souring solution, utilising a dedicated Account Manager and a panel of eight “Associate Specialist Agency Partners”, physically based around The Riverina. The panel of specialist partners were handpicked by CareersMultiList, which consisted of a mix of JSA providers and recruitment agencies, with in-depth sector and geographic market knowledge.

We managed the entire lifecycle of the requisition process at a National level, from sourcing to screening and assessment, in compliance with ISO 9002 quality framework. The solutions were delivered through a streamlined single point of contact to ensure central governance and tracking of financial and operational metrics.

We would consider CareersMultilist a strong recruitment partner of choice

The Results

  • 100% role fulfillment over 35 different skills sets
  • We placed 75 employees within ten weeks and each candidate ‘arrived’ in time for the opening of the rice mill
  • Significant cost savings have been achieved via rate management and reduced administrative overheads
  • Our solutions brought visibility to headcount, cost and consolidated invoices making processes streamlined and make the recruitment experience for Hiring Manager more efficient.
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