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Hiring the best is the first, and probably most important step in building a world class team and I am glad we have a best in class specialist partner to help us with this.


Recruitment for UGL’s Cross City Tunnel - a $200m electro-mechanical infrastructure project

UGL were responsible for the design and construction of the ‘cross city tunnel’ in Melbourne and CareersMultiList was engaged as the Specialist recruitment partner of choice to source the project and management team.


CareersMultiList designed a national and local print media campaign supported by extensive online advertising in both Australia and overseas for the provision of suitable candidates. Using a panel of specialist agencies in various sectors, CareersMultiList recruited for a whole array of roles including, management, design, business support staff and tradesmen such as electricians to establish the project team.

We are now able to track recruitment metrics, which will enable us to improve the quality of our candidates and improve our talent management which we were not able to do previously due to lack of centralization and common process

The Results

  • CareersMultiList placed over 200 staff for United Group Limited over the life of the project
  • We ensured significant cost savings though cost-effective advertising campaigns and strategic recommendations to use fixed term contractors over contract labour.
  • CareersMultilist has established a successful partnership with UGL, working collaboratively for over 7 years as ‘one team’ for all talent needs.
  • Our scope of service for UGL has expanded to include a focus on social inclusion, where specific projects operating in Western Australia required the representation of indigenous trades assistants. For that purpose, Careersmultilist has established a tier 2 panel of recruitment agencies with substantial indigenous recruitment capabilities.
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