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CareersMultiList delivers commercial value and benefits through an employed consultant model.


Ongoing management of over 30 staff to deliver library services at the UNSW


CareersMultiList has managed an ongoing initiative to engage and employ students as library staff within the UNSW for the past five years. As an outsourced labour provider integrated into the library business services we source, screen and select a pool of qualified staff, conduct group induction and training (including OH & S), provide online time sheets and the timely payment of staff

CareersMultiList manage between 220 and 350 hours of contractor labour per week, and service benchmarks include 'No cost' replacement, 'Free first day' to cover induction training and a consolidated rate for recruitment, wages, superannuation, payroll tax, administration and insurances.

We also provide a dedicated consultant with weekly contact and monthly reviews.

Simply put, they save us money through improved efficiency and cost of recruitment.

The Results

  • Cost savings through reduced administrative overheads and direct labour costs
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Reduced attrition
  • Scalable and readily available access to skilled talent during peak periods
  • This ongoing relationship has provided CareersMultList with the opportunity to provide on-site team of more than 25 library staff weekly since 2010.
  • Assist UNSW to create an industry leading initiative of an Admissions Green Team the beginning of each semester to assist with enrolments.
  • Our ongoing recruitment also includes scope expansion within administration and customer service roles and interns in professional development roles.
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