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CareersMultiList is a professional partnership of over 45 specialist recruitment agencies, providing tailored recruitment solutions on a national scale. More candidates, more reach – one central point of contact.

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We have the sector knowledge and resource capability, which is backed by unrivaled scope to source top quality talent across all disciplines and job levels at a national level - underpinning our strength as one of Australia’s largest and most diversified specialist recruitment partner.

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The CareersMultiList approach–

It’s the ‘how we do it’ that sets us apart

Traditionally, the recruitment industry has been a two horse race. You could opt for the tailored, personal service of a specialist agency (and the limited reach that implied), or the scale of a national recruiter.

At CareersMultiList, we offer clients the best of both worlds - a vast network of partner agencies across Australia, and a single point of contact. Working to client’s predefined criteria and benchmarks, we mobilize specialist teams with ‘best fit’ industry knowledge to lead the recruitment drive and secure talent. 

It’s a smarter, more efficient way to manage recruitment while still providing bespoke, personal service. 

The quantifiable business impact:

Better visibility and control into recruitment processes
Better risk management and compliance assurance
Higher talent quality
Improved time and cost effectiveness
Improved recruiting performance and impact
Easier supply chain optimisation.

The CareersMultiList Point of Difference –

We get it right the first time.

We are not your standard recruitment company. Here’s why.

In-depth experience & sector Knowledge

Our network of agency partners takes the guesswork out of hiring. Most of our agency principals have have at least 18 years experience within their specialist sectors, and are uniquely placed to offer specialist insights, feedback, and recommendations. As such, our programs are designed to take full advantage of the best the industry has to offer and that means added piece of mind for all our clients.

Speak to us about your specialist recruitment needs.

National capabilities

Our partnership agencies are located in over 65 global locations, offering unprecedented access to a broad geographic market. Our coverage and international resources enables us to draw on a much wider pool of talent than any individual recruiter, given you more options across a greater range of skills and sectors.

Access a global pool of candidates.


Innovative talent procurement

A recruitment agency is only as good as their ability to attract talent. We utilize a multi-faceted media strategy to ensure both active and passive candidates are aware of potential opportunities. A combination of print and digital advertising alongside social media and our purpose built job board ensures the broadest candidate list.

Reach the right candidates, wherever they may be.

Built-in Scaling & effective implementations

With over 600 specialist consultants and 1.8 million candidates shared across a central database, we can scale recruitment support for any project. Whether it’s one specialist position, or a whole new foreign branch, we have access to a huge network of industry specialists and outside agencies that can be mobilized during peak periods. Bottom line - you’ll always have the support you need.

Mobilize large-scale teams quickly and efficiently.

Technology Independent

Whether you’re using the latest PowerBooks or struggling with turn of the century DELLS, our operations are technology independent and can be integrated with any client software. We’re ready to go whenever you are.

We are tailored for your software.

End-to-end Program governance

Our fully integrated recruitment process means working closely with all our partners to manage, review, and streamline the overall process. We are committed to delivering industry best practices throughout our network, and provide ongoing partner performance reviews and development training to ensure key deliverables and services standards are met. This is recruitment process outsourcing without the price tag, and is delivered to clients at no extra cost. 

Enjoy industry best practices across our network.

Centralized account management

Our centralized back-office infrastructure provides clients and partners with a single point of contact for all account management, performance review, and issue resolution. Multiple projects and work assignments can be managed from one central hub, saving you time and hassle from managing multiple staffing providers.

Multiple projects, multiple agencies - One contact.


Consolidated contract & Invoice

We provide a fully transparent, consolidated national contract incorporating pricing, strategy, service delivery, risk management and performance targets. When paired with our itemized and validated invoices, it means cost savings and enhanced process efficiency for our clients.

Save time and utilize our consolidated contracts.

Quality management

We are committed to providing clients a consistent, world-class experience across our network. Our Total Quality Management System (QMS), strengthened by our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation aims to continuously review, educate, and improve delivery by our agency partners, and provide industry-leading benchmarks.

Enjoy ISO certified quality assurance and world-class service.

Beyond Recruitment

We offer our clients a range of value added services, including extended payment terms, payrolling, contractor management, and migration solutions. It’s all part of our fully integrated, client driven outlook.

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